With the Hubby on business

things get out of control! I have been sewing and sewing for hours. My craft room is usually a little messy, but the momentum has been going so fast I haven’t even had time to pick up the material that I’ve cut and dropped on the floor. Nor the tissues that Elise has been pulling out of the tissue box one by one while I sew furiously over her head. Yikes!

I’ve made 2 mei tai slings for a friend, 2 halloween costumes to be worn at this weekend’s Oktoberfest at church. And a smock-style dress for Elise in order to practice sewing with knits. I took pictures of all that you’d be interested in. And once the listing is up in my Etsy store you can see the slings that I made, though I haven’t put it up yet.

Here is the smock dress. I had to distract Elise with Olivia’s shoes in order to get her to stand still!

And here are the costumes. I think that Olivia will be the bumble bee, she really likes the wings, but she was at my Mother-in-Law’s for the afternoon and Elise was the model. Like I mentioned above, it’s getting harder to keep her still for photos!

And here is the lady-bug:

Won’t they be adorable?! I have to admit I am a little proud of how well they turned out. I’m remembering the costume Liv wore last year (which I somehow can’t find a picture of. I feel very twilightzone about that), and the year before that, these are a lot better made and more creative.


2 Responses to “With the Hubby on business”

  1. 1 Jeannette October 11, 2007 at 3:26 am

    Is that a Bend the Rules smock?

    My craft room is a DISASTER!!! I have like every piece of fabric everywhere as I try to match colors. Hubby shudders at a mere glimpse of the poor room.

  2. 2 devona October 11, 2007 at 3:32 am

    It is not a BTRS smock, just a smock. Though I must admit that I got the idea from angry chicken. I am such a stalker. *blush* I just really want my kids to have all the cool clothes that Amy Karol’s kids have.

    I made the darts on the chest like the jumper Amy made for her daughter on her blog. I wanted to see if I could figure it out just by looking at hers. I could. It was pretty simple actually.

    this jumper

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