Amateur lap quilt

I wanted to use up some of the scraps that I had from the Easter dresses sans pinafores. It wasn’t cheap fabric and I really liked it, I don’t want it to go to waste. I also had just about 12 inches squared of this awesome floral that my step mom bought for Olivia that has become all manner of little gifts, but nothing lasting. The proper resting place for beloved scraps is in a quilt.

I only had enough fabric for a lap quilt, which is good because I don’t know how to quilt. If I had tried anything larger the scraps would be in a bunch in the back of the closet, like the $70 monstrosity that I have been “working on” for 4 years. That horrid things calls to me at night and says, “you are not a Quilter. See, if you were you’d be sleeping under me not that hand-me-down comforter.”

It was really fun to work on a quilt, being a Non-quilter, because I am in the phase where I am just happy to have it be done. It was a throw back to the first thing I sewed by myself (which was obviously so ugly I can’t remember what it was), ok, maybe it’s a throw back to one of the first things I sewed. It was a bride’s maid dress. I wore it proudly, though the sewing was awful.

The binding in’t done yet. And I noticed some mistakes AFTER I quilted it, of course. But this is going to hang on the wall in the girls’ room. Liv saw it and said, “Thanks, Mom! It’s beautiful!”

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