The Garden Planters

I promise that I didn’t do this just so that I could write about recycling and your garden. I really love the idea and I don’t have a ton of money to spend on gardening, which is my spring obsession (talk to me about how much I love gardening in August when I’m trying to dig my way out of renegade tomato vines and you’ll hear a different story…) so I’m always looking for things that I can do for very little money and still have a unique and surprising effect.

The sink was hiding behind the garage, upside down collecting tepid water for mosquitoes to lay their eggs in. Then Rob’s mom sent me an article about container gardening and there was this suggestion that you use a vintage sink as a planter. I don’t really like the idea in the article, which was to put plates in it among white flowers ( a little too obvious and kitschy for me) but I had the sink and I needed it to not be a cesspool any longer. One afternoon later and I had rolled the cast iron bugger the 100 yards to my front lawn and stuck in the garden where it now cradles a container of pansies. The idea is that I will put a different seasonal potted plant in it throughout the year just for some change-up.

This planter is a milk crate from the attic of my garage. Rob was at work and the girls were asleep and I needed to get some wire mesh from up there and we didn’t have a ladder, so I scaled the back of the garage door ( I know. I’m not very bright, but I am very limber) and while up there I discovered it. The man who used to own our home apparently was a milk delivery man and would drive up and down Market Street in a horse drawn wagon to deliver the milk. There are all sorts of remnants of the Sittles in our house and I am honored to have planted some flowers in one of them. If we stay in this house forever I hope that the next people who move in love its history as much as I do because I’m not likely to throw any of these things away.


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