Eating in Season- Locally

I’ve been making a point of eating in season, which has become a little easier since I have been buying most of my produce and meat from Ohio growers. It brings variety to our table and makes me learn to cook new things, since not every season lends itself to Mexican food or Chili, or whatever other cooking I am comfortable doing.


This meal was a bit of a stretch for me and for my family. Olivia ate the sausage and some mashed potatoes that I also served with this meal. Elise ate it all, though not as it is here presented, hers was all chopped up and blended on her plate. The actual meal was acorn squash, baked and stuffed with Cortland apples and maple seasoned pork. After assembling attractively on the plate I drizzled it with syrup and served with mashed potatoes. Looks good, tastes good, does a planet good. Everything on the plate came from our county or the county to the west of us.

the turkey

Likewise, our Thanksgiving dinner was local. That’s a meal that’s easy to do locally, excepting cranberries which came from Wisconsin, because the traditional menu is based on Fall harvest vegetables. The turkey was pastured and organic. Everyone said it was the best tasting bird they’ve ever had. It was definitely the best looking.

penguin notebook

On a non-food note, I have a show in two days at the Lehman’s Hardware store in Kidron. Look for me, out by the cash registers. I’ll be selling Daddy’s Old Shirt dresses, aprons (that I’m considering naming Sassy Chef aprons) made from upcycled cotton dresses, and notebook covers made from scraps and old ties. Whatever isn’t sold on Friday will be posted in my etsy store for the Christmas season. Buy local, buy handmade!


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  1. 1 Jamie McNeeley December 4, 2008 at 2:29 am

    Devona, Remind me to look at your journal covers next time I see you. For Christmas I am going to get/make Morgan a journal that her and I can write notes back and forth. I would like it to be a keepsake. Having a homemade cover would make it all the more special.

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