2008- revisited

I’ve been looking at a bunch of wonderful photo collections from the previous year. I thought I should do my own. So without furthur ado:

January- I began with resolve to clean every room of my house to tip-top shape. I failed in this resolution, but my kitchen did look wonderful for this photo!


February- I repented.


March- Elise started potty training. Elise is STILL potty training.


April- I let the girls help me start seedlings. They were fun seedlings, but were so dense only one flower actually made it into the garden.


May-I began gardening in earnest and Rob came home from a business trip to find a sink in his front yard. Much like the time he came home to find his kitchen orange (see January).


June- I had to cut a whole branch off this tree to let my garden get full sun. I did this alone in the heat of the day while teetering on the neighbor’s fence. I’m crazy.


July- We came into possession of my Step-Mom’s old chair which has been recovered and now nestles into the office.


August- I created my first dolls that didn’t look like blobs. I love these guys!


September- Pigtails started Preschool. *sniff*


October-I probably should have posted a Halloween photo. But how could I pass up showing off the logical inconsistency of letting my toddler drink hot cocoa on a cold fall day with no shirt on?


November- I plucked feathers from our local pastured turkey.


December- We got all festive. There are a bunch of new photos from Decmeber, but they are all still on my camera. Must do something about that!


Hope you all had as colorful a year as we did. And pray you’ll all have a blessed 2009.

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