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A Vintage Repair

I got out all my maternity clothes to see if there were any gaps that I need to fill for colder weather. Apparently you start to need maternity clothes a lot earlier in the third pregnancy!

lace collar

While digging I found this knit tunic that is really comfy and a good in between shirt since it is longer and has an elastic gather at the waist. Unfortunately it had a big tear right in the front near the collar. After I mended it there was an unsightly scar that really made this cute top look messy. In order to camouflage the scar I sewed a vintage crochet lace around the collar. This lace was hand made by my husband’s late Grandmother and was given to me from her estate, very thoughtfully, because Rob’s family knows that I sew.

I am honored to reuse these vintage heirloom pieces in something I will wear everyday. I hope that was what Grandmother Brazier had intended when she crochet them so long ago.


I’m going to be on the news on Monday!

Here’s a post on the local News Anchor’s blog that he wrote about the story he filmed of my work (That is a confusing sentence). Eric Mansfield, from local Chanel 3, has been very encouraging to me, and he gave me some awesome ways to help market my shop. Hopefully after the story runs on Monday at 6pm (I’ll post the video link here as soon as it’s available) I will have some more hits on my etsy.

In prep for the big day I have posted 7 new items in my shop, including the dress that I made on film for the story.

In other news, I got to sleep in for Mother’s Day, and I was showered with an awesome gift, that will help me get creative in new and digital ways! Thanks so much family!

Bouquet from Olivia

In order to get any real work done outside I must accept that the girls will inevitably pick everything colorful.

I consider it inspiration to use my collection of random vessels as floral arrangements. I really loved this color combination. It brightened my mantel for 48 hours or so. The crocus does not make a lasting bouquet.

The last photo taken on my old Canon:

Look at my beautiful Christmas gift from Rob. Hopefully my future will be less full of adjusting levels in photoshop and more full of quality photography.

We all thank him! I have the BEST husband in the whole world.

My new diaper bag

With the change of seasons falling upon us I was getting the womanly itch for a new bag. It’s just what needs to be done, especially since I have a million “need-to-do” sewing projects to do this week. The personal project had to come first otherwise I’ll get burned out before the fun comes.

It was all inspired by my Moms’ Day Out trip to Wooster on which we spent the afternoon in an awesome craft store called Sew Crazy, which unfortunately does not have a website. They had a knitting class to make a felted bag with a long strap and a short strap. The short strap closed the bag by looping over the larger strap. So functional!

This diaper bag was further enabled by my dear friend Megan who loves to give awesome gifts. She dropped off at my house a garbage bag full of random yardage from the thrift store near her house. That bag contained the 100% cotton floral print which I used to line my diaper bag. The outside of the bag is an old soft denim skirt that I loved for 5 years but was starting to get holes in it.

I have been loving and learning sewing tricks from the Bend-the-Rules Sewing book, and one of those tricks was how to make a lined bag. I have tried and failed to do this about 6,000 times previously. This time I finally got it right after studying how to make her simple clutch.

The final result? Something a little hobo, a little chic, and definitely not little. I can fit 3 sweaters, 5 diapers, some toys, and a few books in here. The more I carry the better the bag looks. I love it! I should be bag satisfied until spring, maybe longer!

Creating unique fashion from fortunate thrift store discoveries. And otherwise making our house a home, on the cheap.

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