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Announcing- Clever Nesting!

I have to break the news. Recycling at its Cutest is down for the count. I’ve been collaborating with a friend of mine, Colleen Penn, and another eclectic crafter to create Clever Nesting. clevernesting-tools-sidebar

Clever Nesting is an information home-base for people who love to craft. We’ll be posting on Akron area craft events, craft blogs from around the web, our own crafts and techniques, as well as a weekly photo tutorial. We also have a Facebook Page for the blog which you can join if you’d like to have an internet community to share your own crafts, either Clever Nesting crafts you’ve made or your own crafts to share with Colleen and me.

I am sad to see this blog go as I have been able to be both creative and share about my family here. Clever Nesting will not be as personal and I’ll miss that, but this a perfect opportunity to take my hobby and treat in a more professional manner and hopefully grow as a crafter, blogger, and artist. Besides, for those of you who really only want to read about my cute kids and tolerate the craftiness to get to the adorableness, you can always keep up with the Braziers at Love and Blunder.

I plan to keep this site posted for a while. Especially since there are some awesome stories and tutorials here that I want to check back on. Don’t get mad at me if you notice that I’ve swiped my own old tutorials some day and put them up on Clever Nesting. I might have to do that since I’ve got a crazy busy life and out of this world expectations for myself that I never live up to. Instead of saying, “Oh my GOSH! I know that she posted that a year ago!” say, “I am SO in the loop. I’ve been reading Devona for so long. We’re so tight.” Cause we will be.

I’ve had a lot of fun here, and hope you are interested in following me along to my next adventure. We’ll have fun there too.


A Vintage Repair

I got out all my maternity clothes to see if there were any gaps that I need to fill for colder weather. Apparently you start to need maternity clothes a lot earlier in the third pregnancy!

lace collar

While digging I found this knit tunic that is really comfy and a good in between shirt since it is longer and has an elastic gather at the waist. Unfortunately it had a big tear right in the front near the collar. After I mended it there was an unsightly scar that really made this cute top look messy. In order to camouflage the scar I sewed a vintage crochet lace around the collar. This lace was hand made by my husband’s late Grandmother and was given to me from her estate, very thoughtfully, because Rob’s family knows that I sew.

I am honored to reuse these vintage heirloom pieces in something I will wear everyday. I hope that was what Grandmother Brazier had intended when she crochet them so long ago.

Knitting- That thing I never finish

One of the reasons I’m a crafter as opposed to a heirloom style seamstress (though I’d love to someday be both) is my limited attention span. This shortfall also manages to prohibit me from making any great strides as a knitter. Even though I am able to do most of the knitting things I’d like to do, I lack the basic skills of seeing a project through to the end and end up with 8 inches of beautiful and intricate knitting on needles stuffed into my closet.

Apart from hats and wool diaper covers I have not finished anything that I’ve cast on. That’s pretty pathetic.

But I’m pregnant now (hurray!) and so I have this urge to make baby things, and in my mind baby things are delicate wool knits. I’m hoping that switching to bamboo needles and knitting something more interesting that a huge rectangle (sweater front/ baby blanket) will help me reach the finish line. I’ve gotten better at perserverance post-marathon (talk about a long project! They say the 26.2 is the short part, and they’re right!) and I’m ready to cast on.

I’m knitting an adorable hooded sleeper that will hopefully come out right since I’ve had to change a few small pattern aspects to fit the yarn that I wanted to use. It’s an alpaca/sheep-wool blend in navy heather and sky blue stripes.

Wish me luck. I hope I don’t end up with half of a front and then give up. Or worse! What if I knit it all up and then when I go to finish it I find that the front and back don’t match up?! See, this is why I never knit.

Akron Area Artists!

My sister emailed this to me, and unfortunately I’ll be on a plane at this time going to visit my Dad, but I had to pass on the information! If you heard about it from me and get some great stuff, think of me, maybe grab me something?

ZeroLandfill Akron – 2 More Opportunities for Free Art Supplies

Hello Akron Area Artist,

I wanted to let you know about free art materials available to area artist, art students and arts educators. Saturday, Feb. 21st and 28th from Noon to 4pm at 30 N. High St. next to “City Art on High.” Sponsored by Mocha Maiden Coffee House, Harris/Day Architects and the ZEROLandfill Akron Team.

The award winning ZeroLandfill program provides local artist and arts educators with quality manufactures samples like textiles, carpet & tile flooring, and wallpaper while reducing pressure on local landfill capacity.

The ZeroLandfill Akron Team is reaching out to the Akron area arts community to participate in the pilot project to help determine the feasibility of a longer running program later this year.

See below for more links to more information. I’ve attached parking information just in case you’re not that familiar with downtown parking. Bring boxes and bags and please feel free to forward this email to friends and associates.

Hope to see you there.

Thank you,

Lisa Bostwick
Greater Akron Partnership for Sustainability
140 N. Highland Ave.
Akron, Ohio 44303

New beginnings

Last year was a big year for me. I realized some of my lifelong dreams. Some of them in a big way, some of them in a small way. I spent the year learning about my style and where I want to take my crafts. That was exciting. I learned that the biggest barrier to making this what I want it to be is my own lack of discipline. And since I know I can run a Marathon, which takes enormous discipline, I know that I can make the time to blog at least every other day.

This being the first day of 2009, the occasion of declaring this year’s plans is upon us. I never used to be a resolution person because I never cared about the same things in April as I had in January. Or if  I did care it was because I had resolved to leave behind some vice, and not to put more effort into something I love. Vices die on their own as you get busier or more mature, but making your loves a priority is something you have to fight for. The people who love you have to make them a priority as well. That is the most important thing because when life gets urgent, peoplearesickandbillsaredueandschoolbeginsin10minutesandnoonehascombedtheirhair, it’s very easy to let the things that take effort fall to the side just to get by. It’s easy to spend naptime reading instead of sewing or writing.

This year I don’t want to let that happen. Rob bought me a mino video recorder that I want to use to make video tutorials. I bought a dreamhost subscription for 2009 and I want to move my craft blog to its own domain so I can have more control over it and hopefully neglect it less. I want to remember to post on Love and Blunder because I love that blog. It’s like a part of my family or an old friend and I need to stop by and visit more often. I also want to spend more time learning what other people are doing, and letting myself be inspired. I’m getting a ton more sleep now that the Elise-Beast is getting older, I think I can spend some of my newly found brain activity on learning something new.

Have a blessed New Year! I can’t wait to see how it changes us.

Creating unique fashion from fortunate thrift store discoveries. And otherwise making our house a home, on the cheap.

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