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Knitting- That thing I never finish

One of the reasons I’m a crafter as opposed to a heirloom style seamstress (though I’d love to someday be both) is my limited attention span. This shortfall also manages to prohibit me from making any great strides as a knitter. Even though I am able to do most of the knitting things I’d like to do, I lack the basic skills of seeing a project through to the end and end up with 8 inches of beautiful and intricate knitting on needles stuffed into my closet.

Apart from hats and wool diaper covers I have not finished anything that I’ve cast on. That’s pretty pathetic.

But I’m pregnant now (hurray!) and so I have this urge to make baby things, and in my mind baby things are delicate wool knits. I’m hoping that switching to bamboo needles and knitting something more interesting that a huge rectangle (sweater front/ baby blanket) will help me reach the finish line. I’ve gotten better at perserverance post-marathon (talk about a long project! They say the 26.2 is the short part, and they’re right!) and I’m ready to cast on.

I’m knitting an adorable hooded sleeper that will hopefully come out right since I’ve had to change a few small pattern aspects to fit the yarn that I wanted to use. It’s an alpaca/sheep-wool blend in navy heather and sky blue stripes.

Wish me luck. I hope I don’t end up with half of a front and then give up. Or worse! What if I knit it all up and then when I go to finish it I find that the front and back don’t match up?! See, this is why I never knit.


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